Monday, October 18, 2010

Black and white and everything in between...

(photos courtesy of Brilliante Home Decor)

For those of you that love wallpaper, here is a very special treat. Timorous beasties wallpapers is known for their provocative textiles and wallpapers and sometimes considered psychedelic! This brand offers a wide range of prints that will satisfy the most graphic hungry designer to the most traditional. I have to say that the "Devil Damask Lace" is pretty daring.. May be just a touch too creepy for you! You be the judge!


  1. Devil Damask Lace is elegant for me. I've been finding the best pattern that would fit our bathroom tile in our house in Tampa -- I'm thinking about something black. I definitely think that it's not creepy.

  2. Thanks so much Kathy! I never say "no" to any colour patterns. Black is a great starting point, as long as there is some white/cream to contrast. Also make sure you have some good lighting in there as well!
    All the best:)


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