Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Moravian Delight.......

So, I have decided that this was indeed my favourite composition. I was inspired today by a portrait of a Nun of Moravian origin (Czech republic). I was very much drawn to this woman and loved how pure her face was, and how kind her eyes are! I also loved the combination of colours used. I decided to compose a space around it with the following images!

(Montauk Sofa)

(Agate Geode Lamp)

(Craig Van Den Brulee)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Warm & Toasty

This is the feeling that comes to mind when I look outside: warm tones! It can be acheived with paint, furnishings, textures.. In short, it is easy to create a space that will feel warm and cozy! Remember: North facing rooms always have very little light and is usually a cold one. So stay away from grays, and green based paint colours. South facing rooms will embrace warm tones very well, as well as west facing rooms! Have fun!

(Images courtesy: Chapman Interiors, Decorno, La Dolce Vita)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Amazing and unconventional artwork

My dear readers,

Now this is a subject matter that everyone can relate to: Artwork. Everyone owns artwork. Everyone. However, not everyone knows what will move them. Some people love abstract, some are more traditional. The point is, you must own artwork that moves you, or speaks to you. I personally love abstract artwork, because it can mean something different everyday. You can make your own interpretation of the painting. Please enjoy the following images!.. Maybe one will struck a cord with you....

(Yabu Pushelberg)

(Douglas Friedman)

(D. Platner)

(Patric Johansson)


(Peter Margonelli)

(Peter Margonelli)

(Vincente Wolf master bath)

(Bohm Furniture, 2273 Dundas Ave, Mississauga)

(Vok Design Group)


(Image courtesy: Chapman Interiors, Decorno, Coco & kelley)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fabulous kitchens...

Dear Readers,

This post is about the most important room in your home (aside from your bedroom!). It is where we cook, where family and friends gather. It is always the busiest of all rooms! All the following images struck a cord in me, not so much because they were high budget, but they blended functionality with beauty. When we look closely, they are easy to duplicate in our own homes. The ongoing trend is to have no upper cabinetry, but rather open shelves like in a Parisian Bistro. This is the style I adopted in my own home!


(David Hicks)

(Sophie Seguela)



(Dunley Stanley)

(Lynda Reeves)

(Kitchen of the movie "Something's gotta give"

(Image courtesy: Via Desire to Inspire, Anouk, Lynda Reeves, Artform portfolio, Gilmoure Fiji kitchen, Elle Decor)
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