Monday, November 14, 2011

Fabulous kitchens...

Dear Readers,

This post is about the most important room in your home (aside from your bedroom!). It is where we cook, where family and friends gather. It is always the busiest of all rooms! All the following images struck a cord in me, not so much because they were high budget, but they blended functionality with beauty. When we look closely, they are easy to duplicate in our own homes. The ongoing trend is to have no upper cabinetry, but rather open shelves like in a Parisian Bistro. This is the style I adopted in my own home!


(David Hicks)

(Sophie Seguela)



(Dunley Stanley)

(Lynda Reeves)

(Kitchen of the movie "Something's gotta give"

(Image courtesy: Via Desire to Inspire, Anouk, Lynda Reeves, Artform portfolio, Gilmoure Fiji kitchen, Elle Decor)

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