Sunday, October 30, 2011

The great adventures of Muriel Brandolini

Muriel Brandolini is in my opinion the most original designer out there. She reminds me of a conductor! She is able to blend colours, shapes, eras and create a real symphony. Her design emanates force and subtelies with a theatrical twist. Her passion for her work, along with her ability to bring in exoticism, furnishings and elements from different eras sets her apart! Muriel works with colours so successfully that it is a feast to the eye. I'm only hoping one day i will have the opportunity to step into a space she has created. Enjoy those few images of her work. She is a true genius...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great rooms...

Hi! all, sorry for my absence.. I have been busy doing things, going places.... and in the meantime I was also busy looking for rooms that really triggered interest for me. I always emphasize "Harmony" in my interiors, and I believe that the following rooms really show harmony.. look for repetition of shapes and forms for each picture and you will see what i'm talking about..

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