Monday, December 26, 2011

Who said neutrals were boring!?

Hi Beloved readers..

I was inspired by what my new client request was: zen, clean, monochromatic, and light.. Here are a few inspirational interiors that could also help you create your own zen space! If you are going to go for a monochromatic room, make sure you layer textures and contrasts to give it depth! No colour can be exciting depending how you arrange the furnishing together, and how you play with lighting and wall colour!


(Cream tray by KWID)

(Via Simple Grove)

(Savio Firmino)

(Vogue Living)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sexy bedrooms......

First of all, I wish you all happy holidays and a great and properous 2012! Today, im in the mood to talk about "tomorrow" bedrooms and sexy nooks we create for ourselves and our spouses! Consider his taste and likings when creating it! You both share the space....Here are a few images of what I think bedrooms should be like this upcoming year!

Happy New Year All:)...


(Rustic farmhouse)

(Kelly Weartler)

(Kelly Wearstler for Sferra)

(Kelly Wearstler master bedroom)

(Artform Portfolio)

(Via the Decorista blog)

(Elle Decor)

(Ozzy Osbourne's bedroom.. i know.. hard to believe!)

(via San Francisco Decorator showcase)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dinner is served!

One of my greatest passion is cooking and entertaining. I love to prepare, taste, hear sizzling, smelling, arranging it in a white plate (so that it looks like artwork on a canvas)....and making my guests happy year round, or during special holidays! I also love creating a beautiful table spread. Its so important as it marries so well with a great menu! I love being creative in my menu and my table decorations.. Here are a few images that cought my eye!




(My own wedding)

(Artform Christmas)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Great photography...

I have always been fascinated by Photography and the ability to capture a moment in time and make it just spectacular! Here are a few images I came across lately that deserved to be admired!

(Drew Nelson)

(Drew Nelson)

(Drew Nelson)

(Drew Nelson)

(Magdalena Frackowiack)
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