Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wonderful Walls of Windows

Hi, I’m Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, a fabulous social media site that promotes interior designers and their work from around the world.  We're excited to be virtually visiting Elie and Art Form Interior Design in Toronto today.  Elie asked for an article about walls of windows and I'm excited to share the gorgeous interiors I found that have wonderful walls of windows and stunning interior design ideas.  From traditional kitchens to modern living rooms to cool loft spaces, a wall of windows is an appealing architectural element that floods the interior with gorgeous natural light.  Thanks for letting me and Design Shuffle come to visit. Enjoy these wonderful walls of windows!

Neutral Living Room DesignPinterest via

Neutral upholstered pieces in this living room keep the focus on the wall of windows.  Tough to compete with all the greens and textures outdoors.

White Interior DesignFFFFound via

A wall of windows topped by a row of skylights floods this loft with bright, natural light.  The monochrome white interior makes this a very bright space.

Sun Porch Interior DesignPinterest via

Sunrooms and sun porches are essentially rooms with three sides of glass. Screened windows make the walls disappear when opened.

White Kitchen DesignHouse of Mood via

Who cares about upper cabinets when the walls are filled with windows?  This sleek kitchen is filled with natural light and gorgeous views to the garden.

Loft Style Interior DesignElle Decor via

Loft style buildings are known for their walls of windows. The window-lined walls fill these vintage industrial style spaces with light. What a gorgeous blank canvas for creating a beautiful interior design.

Open Living Room DesignGreige Design via

A wall of glass doors really brings the outdoors inside when opened.  The furniture is laid out to take advantage of the view, natural light and the fireplace.

Open Living Room DesignElle Decor via

Now this is a wall of windows!  The ceiling height picture windows essentially disappear, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor. If you can pull yourself away from the windows, look more closely and you'll see several very interesting decorating ideas here.

Industrial Den DesignDesire to Inspire via

A wall of windows can be used as an architectural element in an interior. Love the industrial feel of the wall of windows of this den in a NYC apartment.

This guest post was created by Design Shuffle, a social media website where Los Angeles interior designers to New York interior designers can upload and share their work and inspire others!
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