Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snow Snow and More Snow!!


(photo courtesy: Moth Design)

(photo courtesy:  Brilliante Home Decor)

(Photo courtesy: Alicia B. Designs, Brilliante Home Decor)

(photo courtesy: Daniel Buetti, Moth Design, Brilliante Home Decor, Emma's Blogg)

I'm wondering if anyone reads my blog, but in case there are some that do, I'm posting some artwork and decorative arts that inspire me on this winter day!.. Any keen eyed amateur will be able to distinguish the tread among all those photos and it is the reference to snowflakes as well as the reference to colour colours!.. I have said it in the past and will say it again for the few readers that may not be aware, and thats to look at nature very carefully. Look at the trends out there. The repetitions. The shapes and forms..The colours bouncing off of one another! Anyways, enjoy nature watching on this early winter day!!.. Have a fabulous weekend all:)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Colour in this cold November day...

 Designer: Lulu Guiness

 Lulu Guiness

Massucco Warner Miller wallpaper

 (photo courtery: Chic Coles)

(Photo Courtesy:  Anh-Min blog)

Lulu Guiness

Designer: Kara Mann

(Photo Courtesy:  Anh-Min blog)

 Chinoiserie Chair

Designer: Nate Berkus

I'm looking outside this monday morning, and I cant help thinking that I live in a black and white movie and its about to fade to black. This is November up North. Not enough snow to make it light and refreshing, and no longer any detritus or gold and red leaves to make it joyous and warm. My point is that I NEED COLOUR! Nothing restricts us from using it sparingly throughout our home. Accents are easier to work with than actual coloured painted walls. Sometimes dark or light neutral colour walls work better as back drop to colour, rather than coloured walls again. I posted an example of what I have in mind (Last picture by Nate Berkus). The walls are painted Off Black from Farrow and Ball. I think its stunning. Great canvas to his artwork, and colour composition. I painted my own hallway dark gray, and I love it...Go ahead.. be daring too! Its just paint!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Here are a few vignettes i stumbled upon again wile reading my design blogs (Eye Spy again... )... I absolutely love the impact a vignette can generate. A vignette is considered a focal point in which can be featured an arrangement of artwork, flowers, boxes, light. It has to flow and be connected. One can play with textures, colours, reflective surfaces. The possibilities are endless! I appreciate a well balanced vignette, with substance and character. A vignette can exist anywhere in the house where there is a free space for it. Generally a vignette sports a mirror or artwork above a table/console etc... The older the items displayed, the better it looks!.. here are a few, and then a few of my own!

Jay Jeffers

(La Dolce Vita)

(Chic Coles)

Jay Jeffers



Jay Jeffers


(Lonny Mag and Katidid)

Elle Decor showhome 2010)


While I was re-redecorating and moving my bedroom around, I realized that the screwed-on headboard that was placed onto to wall wasnt going to make the cut as we moved the bed under the window! What to do!? The bed looked naked, unfinished, and really missed out on the pizzazz it deserved! So, I asked my husband to reinstall it. This would prevent drafts in the winter, and also visually create a focal point into the room... However, since we are on a tight budget, reinstalling it under the window took some imagination... Here are a few headboards I stumbled upon while reading my favourite blogs (Eye Spy)....(Photo courtesy: Elle Decor, Darryl Carter)

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