Saturday, November 19, 2011

Amazing and unconventional artwork

My dear readers,

Now this is a subject matter that everyone can relate to: Artwork. Everyone owns artwork. Everyone. However, not everyone knows what will move them. Some people love abstract, some are more traditional. The point is, you must own artwork that moves you, or speaks to you. I personally love abstract artwork, because it can mean something different everyday. You can make your own interpretation of the painting. Please enjoy the following images!.. Maybe one will struck a cord with you....

(Yabu Pushelberg)

(Douglas Friedman)

(D. Platner)

(Patric Johansson)


(Peter Margonelli)

(Peter Margonelli)

(Vincente Wolf master bath)

(Bohm Furniture, 2273 Dundas Ave, Mississauga)

(Vok Design Group)


(Image courtesy: Chapman Interiors, Decorno, Coco & kelley)

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