Thursday, November 11, 2010


The reason why I have been so extensive about palettes was because I wanted to feature the parallel between nature and an interior and how they interconnect! Ot at least if you want your home to make sense on a visual level!... Being almost winter and being hit with a fair amount of grays, I am in the mood for a little splash of yellow. Everyone is so afraid to just go bold!  This gallery makes me want to have a glass of lemonade, or OJ! I'm thinking California, the South of France on a sunday day. I'm thinking fresh and perfect for a little pick me up all year around!

(Photo courtesy: Kelly wearstler, Miami Viceroy)

(Photo courtesy: shop ten 25)

(Photo: Richard Shapiro chandelier)

(Photo courstsy: Shop ten 25)

(photo courtesy: Chic Coles)

(Photo: Shop ten 25)

(Photo courtesy: Shop ten 25/Eucalyptus tree)

(Photo courtesy: Hands of Zeus)

(Metropiltan Home)

(Photo courstesy: Eskine residence)

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