Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas trees around the world!

(Sarah Richardson)

(Lonny Magazine and Colour me happy)


(Katie did)

Tumbleweed Christmas Tree

 (One King Lane)

Cardiff Bay

2009 Christian Dior (John Galliano) Christmas Tree exhibition (London, England)

Dior 2009

Sketch Dior 2009

Orchid Chritmas Tree (One Hundred Christmas Tree blog)

Jewel Tree (One Hundred Christmas Tree blog)

2010 Christian Dior (John Galliano) Christmas Tree exhibition (London, England)

2010 Christian Dior (John Galliano) Christmas Tree exhibition (London, England)

Chritmas in Paris

Garden Gloves (One Hundred Christmas Trees blog)

Hawaiian Tree

Antlers Christmas Tree (New Mexico)

Plastic Bottles Christmas Tree (Japan)

1938, NYC great depression Christmas Tree

(Layers of Meaning)

(Sad Christmas Tree!! lol)

(Tissue flowers)

(East Coast Lobster cages Christmas Tree)

(Layers of Meaning)

(Bruno North)

(One Hundred Chritsmas Tree blog)

(Layers if Meaning blog)

I'm in the midst of finishing our Christmas tree this year. Every year for the past 3 years, our tree has been silver, ice blue, ivory, feathers, mercury glass, white lights. This year I want something a little different. I have already put in the silver balls (big and small to give that extra depth) and then I pondered... Then I decided the way to go to add panache on a budget and life to my room was to add Chartreuse.. This beautiful fresh yellow green. So my palette will be Silver, Chartreuse and White. Also, I wanted to just do balls (small and large).This new scheme will save my time and energy too!

Here is an inspirational picture of my new palette: (the Perfect Palette blog)

Have fun this Christmas! Even if that means hanging garlands of pop corn, or anything fun you can think of to hang off of it!. When we lived in South Africa, we experienced Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time. So it was t-shirts and shorts. My mom, always so creative and an incredible homemaker, decorated the rubber plant in the living room like a Christmas tree. This is the Tree I remember as a child.
Merry Christmas all! Lots of love:)

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