Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chalkboard art

Via Decorista

Via Canadian House and Home

Via Lushlee

Nothing says "versatility" like chalkboard art! You can add, remove, erase, be as creative as you and your kids want to be! You can designate any walls as your chalkboard art wall. It brings that hit of "black" that is necessary to any interiors in order to anchor a room visually, like eyebrows on the face. I like them in the kitchen where children can draw on it,  you can make grocery list as well as reminder notes. Its also very "bistro", very French cafe. It really does add a new dimention and personality to any home. Its modern and practical! Chalk board paint is about $30 at your local hardware store (such as Home depot near the spray paint section). Give it a try! Its only paint:)

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