Thursday, April 28, 2011

Second hand shop-take 2!

You may recall my last entry about this great couple out in Rockwood who owns "Second hand shop"! I have a few more treasures to post, including an old Oak Arts and Crafts hall stand in mint condition. First and most importantly I wanted to announce that Vija Francis-Celmins,from Latvia, and incredibly talented artist will be displaying her artwork at the CAMH-workman arts in Toronto. The exhibition is called "Being Scene" and is dedicated to people suffering from depression and other ailments of that nature. Vija was a brilliant physicist and mathematician until her true love for what she does took over, which steered her into the life she now owns. This is a serious matter and we hope that this event will bring lots of attention especially on Vija! This painting was gracefully given to me today as a gift. It has been a long time since I have received such a meaningful gift.. Why? because she wanted me to have a piece of her life.. one that she shed way back, one that used to belong to someone else. It is an intensily personal watercolour with a lot meaning behind it. A lot of emotions went into it. Thankfully, Vija is strong and happy now and only does good for others!.....Thank you, I will cherish it forever!...

Here are a few other treasures I found there today:

Here is the Oak Arts and Crafts Hall/umbrella stand. Great condition, very sleek, can find life in any modern or tradition homes. $295, a steal!. please contact Vija or Peter at 519-856-4683. 132 Main st S. (Highway 7) Rockwood. ON.



  1. It is lovely place...

  2. She's my favorite person, and Peter is wonderful. My home is starting to look like their shop as I purchase there frequently!
    Very nice post!


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