Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fine lines....


Carlo Scarpa sketches

Suzanne Kessler

Carlo Scarpa sketches

Design Delight- Handpainted tiles

Sciolari mid century light fixture

 Kaveri Singh Artworks-Mural

This post is about looking at the fine lines in home decor. The scratches, the pencil strokes, the colour combinations, tranparencies, and vibrancy with metals. Fines lines can be found in furniture (knoll coffee tables), side tables and artwork. Window frames are also a great way to add "the fine lines" into a space. Personally I like bringing this element to any project because it lifted a space. It opens up, and makes it delicate. It also brings repetation to other parts fo the room which is essential (such as the stairways, or any architectural features of an interior)... You get the idea!! ;)

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