Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gold is a girl's best friend...

Dear beloved readers,

Metals are an important part of interior design, whenever at the renovation stage, or the decorating stage. I personally love gold and brass. It gives off warmth, and compliments any space beautifully. The other metal I like to incorporate into the spaces I create are chrome (especially in kitchens) copper and rubbed oil bronze! So here are a few inspirational pictures for all of you home owners that want to jazz up your space! Remember to stay consistent as much as possible. Stick to one metal throughout. If you choose to mix golds and silvers, it should be 10% one and 90% the other one. It should appeal to you, whichever metal you choose to integrate into your home:)

(Images courtesy of: Vogue Living, Artform Portfolio, La Dolce Vita blog, Canadian House and Home, Kelly Wearstler cream tray, David collins Interior Design)

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  1. It no doubt is. By the way color combination in almost every interior is perfect.


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