Saturday, March 24, 2012

Transformation (Upper Floor)

Dear readers,
The latest blog entries have been about a complete transformation of a home i had the pleasure of walking into with great bones, great layout but in serious need of change and a day at the spa!
Here is Elle's contribution to the upper floor!


Master Bedroom:

(eight sheres novo chandelier, 1stDibs, Sepia "Ladies in White" photograph, Walnut bed with linen sheets, Elte rug, 50's lamps, 1stDibs, Tom Thomas Lucite side tables)

Master Ensuite
(Artwork: Indigo Aqua Sea, Mary Beth Thielhelm 2012, Venini Chandelier, Oly dresser/vanity, hammered nickel sink, ) Guest Bedroom:

(Austrian's Emerald crystals chandelier, 1stDibs, Anna Shakina's Photography, A Pair Silver Plate And Lucite Lamps, 60's, 1stDibs, Serapi rug, teal dressers, 1st dibs)

Young Lady's master bedroom

(Chrome poster bed, Danielle O'Connor Akiyama painting, Agate lamp, Elte Rug)

First floor bathroom

(Kolher faucets, Ross Bleckner's "Falling birds", Oly Studio flower bowl light fixture, Oval stone tub, Oly Studio Dresser vanity)


  1. Very cool,serapi rug and teal dressers stole my heart. Lynne

    1. ahh... thank you so much Lynne:)


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