Sunday, August 19, 2012

The amazing work of Candida Hofer

At Artform, we love looking and searching for the next piece of Artwork, photography or sculpture that will move us! Candida Hofer, Cologne, Germany-based photographer has brought back  historical settings to the forefront for all of us to enjoy again! The depth of her work, and play with colours make her photography whimsical!

Höfer began taking color photographs of interiors of public buildings, such as offices, banks, and waiting rooms, in 1979 while studying in Düsseldorf. Her breakthrough to fame came with a series of photographs showing guest workers in Germany, after which she concentrated on the subjects "Interiors", "Rooms" and "Zoological Gardens". Höfer specialises in large-format photographs of empty interiors and social spaces that capture the "psychology of social architecture". Her photographs are taken from a classic straight-on frontal angle or seek a diagonal in the composition.

She tends to shoot each actionless room from an elevated vantage point near one wall so that the far wall is centered within the resulting image. From her earliest creations, she has been interested in representing public spaces such as museums, libraries, national archives, or opera houses devoid of all human presence. Höfer’s imagery has consistently focused on these depopulated interiors since the 1980s. (Wikipedia)

Here are two rooms I have created around some of her great work.

Little girl's room


Living room:


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