Saturday, October 23, 2010

I jumped! Two interiors that were sooo very unconventional

(photo courtesy of The Bedlam of Beefy, Still Dottie and Sheila Bridges)

I jumped when I saw those three interiors because it pushes the boundaries of what is considered "the norm". The norm is what people are used to seeing in their day to day life. The norm is what we try to stay true to. Well, Design savyy professionals and amateurs are all alike in wanting to see beyond what is considered the norm. More than the setting, its the colours i love. The depth of emarauld greens, bleue glass, and rich browns. Certainly Art has found its place in this setting.. Whether it'd be the Quilt on the bed, the Fornasetti rug, or Marcal Wonder wanders... It can all be displayed as a great addition to any setting.

Whatever you decide on doing, remember to connect the art with its surrounding as much as possible, no matter what period and style the piece of artwork is... For example, The Oppenheim table is perfect in Sheila Bridges interiors. It has grace and echos nicely the ink drawing of the Fornasetti's hand rug. I am loving this table more than ever now. Use in moderation though;)

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