Sunday, October 24, 2010

My new colour combination favourite for this fall!

(photo courtesy Polly Wreford, David Downton & Tom Filicia)

So this is my new favourite palette for this fall! Pewter, lilac, purples, black and browns). Or as Kelly Wearstler described it in her latest Bible called Hue : Alabaster, Pyrite and Onyx. This is a very easy palette to work with as you can bring in yellows, oranges, blues and yellow/greens. My personal favourite is when Black has a tinge of blue in it (much like a Penguin's back) because it goes so beautiful with another favourite palette of mine and that includes: Teal, indigoes, and navy. This is why i recommend having a very neutral background when putting together an intorior, so you can change palette with the seasons, and whenever you feel that incredible urge to revamp your home.

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