Friday, October 8, 2010

On we go with usual tables- The Branch Table

Designed by Vincent Dubourg and exhibited at Art Galleries! I dont know how kid friendly this is, and clearly it would need to be placed in a large hallway with no real traffic!. I think it would even more lovely in front of a graphic, perhaps stripped, or curvy wallpaper!

The next chair was designed by the late Alexander McQueen. Extremelly talented, his creations were considered avant-garde first and foremoste in the fashion industry and design world. (Made of black feathers)

The latter chair/bench was designed by Sebastian Brajkovic (represented by Carpenters Workshop). I love how psychedelic this bench is. It seems as though I'm seeing double, but great carftmanship has gone into creating this piece. You really do need to get along well with whomever you sharing this bench with.

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