Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joyeux Noel and Bonne annee a tous!

Dear readers, I just realized that i may not have time to write into my blog till next year since i'm off to PEI on the 26th and coming back on the 1st. I'm planning on helping my mom revamp her home, and help out her beloved friend Myrna with choosing a paint scheme for her home. I must admit I'm truly addicted to blogging, and reading other people's blogs. There is no better media to pour your heart and soul into than this one. So here are some randoms photos that I have collected over the last few months of some of my favourite interiors, vignettes, colour compositions.... have yourselves a safe and wonderful Christmas. Dont forget to give to others, and do at least one good deed during this holiday season. Love u all to bits:) XOXO

Highly unusual, mesh stairs!

I love the wall adjacent to the mini bar! Simple DIY at home.

I love all the repetition of patterns, which makes an interior successful, and harmonious.

Elle decor Showhome 2010, San francisco via Katie Did blog. I wish I had gone in person, maybe next year! I'm particularly fond of the vignette above. It reminds me of the Jesus Crown on Thorns like everyone who has seen it I'm sure. I like to bring religion elements as an artform into a home. Its very unexpected.We are used to seeing the Cross but thats it! I'm not particularly religious, but like that element because it symbolizes time, faith, and fidelity!

Photo courtesy: Amanda Nisbet

Photo Courtesy: Erine Martin Showroom

(Photo courtesy: Rue Magazine)

Photo courtsesy: Katie Did, Lavender Hexagone wallpaper. Amethyst base lamp (very lavish.. love it!)

Photo courtesy: Paonote

"Water lillies, Claude Monet)

Photo courtesy: Frederic Fekkai

Photo courtesy: Frederic Fekkai
French Throne Chair (I need one of those!!)

Katie Did Blog

Fornasetti teacups

Manolo Valdez

Boat Chandelier, a staple in any artistically inclined homes and dramatic interiors

Photo courtesy: Martensen .. Delicious blend of chinoiserie & French provencial. Gorgeous palette, and unusual for a bedroom. Everything ties very nicely with the Asian decorative screen panelling.

 Photo courtesy: Kadie Did blog). Nothin adds texture and colour like those lamps. especially with the light shinning upon it, it becomes even more vibrant!

Not a huge fan of camping, I was thinking maybe this year I could bring in the outdoors indoors. Fabulous creations though!!

Photo Courtesy: macDonald, via Katie did blog.

Photo courtesy: Ritz Tower

Photo courtesy: Tamara Mellon

Toile de Jouy.. Fantastic colours! Very Yves St Laurent


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