Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alex Papachristidis

I dedicate this posting to one of my favourite designer: Alex Papachristidis. Mater of layering, and combines style and periods like noone else! I particularly love how he mixes traditional with Chinoiserie with modern artwork... Enjoy!

His best work in my books.. This recent one in London featured in Elle Decor last fall (2010)

The Wounded Philoctetes painting by Abildgaard

Turn up the "creepy" factor a notch with bone chillying artwork... Look at that stare!

What I love about this interior is that the colour palette is restricted to shades, reflective surfaces and natural hues. Its a stunning composition in the layering, vignettes, and repetitions of forms..:)

I recently finised my own master bedroom, and after much thought and reflection I decided to go for it and painted Twilight Zone by C2. Its a very dark purple brown. It turned out very dramatic and very unusual to sleep in. You will be the judge on how this type of room could fit your taste and lifestyle. In a bedroom facing North, my personal opinion is to go dark and dramatic, and I love it! Dont forget dark walls also enhances artwork.


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