Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

I'm dedicating this posting to all of my Chinese friends and followers! Happy New Year:).. I thought I would post a few pictures of my latest Chinoiserie finds, some for my clients, and other for myself! I'm not sure how many times i have heard it, but people have often told me they didnt like anything "Asian" in their home. It always struck me as odd, since this is the very style that has infused intself into our home without Europe or North America even knowing it! What about all the Buddha heads out there? What about the Chinese jars? Garden stools? Anyway, the very people who were always opposed to it were the ones that ultimatelly fell madly in love for it! Enjoy!

Orange and Pink Toile wallpaper

Chinoiserie entrance (note the wallpaper and rich red trims)

Again Chinoiserie marked by scenery wallapaper and chinese carbinetry

French throne chair with an asian elephant stool. Great addition to any room as it has so many shapes, it curves to anything around it!

Great chinese garden stool, readily availble. Great in bathrooms, or by a sofa!

Beaumont Antique Store

Elle Decor

BooBoo and Lefty, Toronto

Decorum Decorative Finds, Toronto

12/12 Decor, Toronto

12/12 Decor, Toronto

BooBoo and Left, Toronto

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