Thursday, March 17, 2011

David Hicks, the return Aussie style

I have been pestering some of you to look into this great designer from down under. Someone who treasures the past with an incredible eye for modern streamlined interiors. Hicks loves art glass, especially the 1950s and '60s designs from Murano. His favourite designers are Flavio Poli, Antonio da Ros and Dino Martens. His work echoes the late David Hicks, the great British legendary designer from the 60-70's (not to confuse the two). I think his work is better composed than a lot of other famous designers out there with the same flair for grandiose and colour saturated interiors. Its more visually clean while keeping this great balance, much like a Mozart symphony! I guess the lesson here is that you can still be bold while staying understated and keeping a sense of history throughout your space!
Its simply spectacular!


David Hicks

For more of his brilliant body of work: 

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