Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ode to the supermoon

A supermoon is bigger and brighter than an ordinary full moon. The reason: the moon's orbit around the earth is elliptical, not round. And so when the elliptical path passes closest to earth a full moon becomes 14 per cent wider and 30 per cent brighter than an average full moon. Not since 1992 has the moon passed as close to Earth as it will Saturday night.
The proposition that full moons can spark deviant behaviour in human beings is known in scholarly research as the Transylvanian hypothesis. We owe the noun lunacy, and the adjective lunatic, to this proposition, and more literally to Luna, the old Roman moon goddess.

Here is my own interpretation of the supermoon....

Nicky Haslam Design, UK.
 (Design by Delight)

 (Patina Antique Store, TO)


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