Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vito Giallo- Great American antique dealer

“Objects really do acquire a life of their own, when they’ve been held and loved for years.”—Antiques dealer Vito Giallo, February/March 99

 Elle Decor Feb 99

I tend to think that a well composed interior has got more to do with history than items bought from one store manufactured the previous year! Clearly a mix of the two is always one to thrive for as it creates the most artistic and visual tension.. So, dont be afraid to add items that were passed on from generation to generation, or great finds that you fall in love with in thrift stores, antique markets and mix it with your everyday lives! A home should feel as though you've lived there for 100 years, and feels as comfortable as an old t-shirt, or a comfortable couch thats been sat on for years...

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