Tuesday, March 29, 2011


131 Miranda ave, Toronto...416-862-8880.. I'm afraid to tell you about this place.. i'm afraid you will go and buy it all.. and there wont be anything left for me... Its THAT KIND OF PLACE!! Its off of Castlefield ave..., please go go go.. Vintage, great lines, unique and amazing quality pieces. The owners are the great expert in the subject matter and so welcoming and awesome (Sal Shivji and Garry Punnett)! Very reasonnably priced for the city of TO..... I cant wait to go back;)


 ps: leave some for me;)....and think twice before helping mom and dad throwing stuff out of their attic.. Hopefully this will help you decipher of whats value and what can be.. well.. let go;)

1 comment:

  1. Love the store. I will have to get down there. Can you tell me if you still have the lamps in the last picture that are behind the lamp in the forefront with the green shades?


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