Friday, April 1, 2011

Bon Bohm......

Here is what you smell when you enter the premises.. You smell as though you were taking a walk through the woods.. It has that nice cut wood aroma, and fresh natural scents fill the space. Its actually pretty rare these days as everything is made with chemicals, plastics and polyurethanes. so, if you are on Dundas ave (and Erin), please stop by Bohm Furniture. All the furniture is made in Europe the old fashion way (wood and all!!). I suppose it may not make a huge difference to the average consumer, but we all know that 90% of cancers are environmental, so why not give your lungs and home a break from chemical overload? The mattresses are to die for and also made of soya foam etc etc etc....Its where I'm getting my new mattress. The owner Paul? The most welcoming store owner I have ever met and only deals with quality! Custom design welcome;)


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