Sunday, April 17, 2011

3 Celebrities' homes- Coco Chanel, David Gilmour & Donna Karan

Everyone knows that Coco Chanel lived at The Ritz Hotel in Paris for more than 30 years, and also had an apartment above her headquarters. Her style lives on. Everything from the sofa, to the light fixtures, to the wheatsheaf table. This is when you know a timeless artist was at work.

Another modern day celebrity home belongs to David Gilmour, a Canadian Enterpreneur who lives in Fidji with his wife Jill part of the year. This is truly spectacular.. personally I'm a huge fan of the mother of pearl walls in the bedroom.. At sunset, it must be all lite up! If you are looking for a great tub, check out Gingers, and for great tiling Saltillo is a personal favourite in downtown Toronto. I did notice an arrival of Fortuny pendant lights at Elte. All sizes, and just stunning.

This last home is my favourite because it looks like it belongs in nature. As you can see there are no colours other than an organic cream with some shots of deep charcoals, travertine tones and bleached floors. All organic living. Everything made the old fashion way. A local retail furniture store that specializes in this type of solid  and organic furnishings is Bohm furniture in Oakville. This is clean and healthy living to me:).. Some of my favourite wall colours for these types of homes are: Chalk Gray (Pratt and Lambert) cream with a hint of gray, Dune White by Benjamin Moore (light greige), Clunch by Farrow and Ball, Chit Chat by C2...


  1. Simple white style, i will choose this one, and the folding screen of Chinese-style is gorgeous!

  2. Wow! Living on your own Island?! That would be the most magical thing that would happen to a person and maybe one of their dreams!

  3. OMg, Garry I so agree with you....


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