Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today, its raining.....I love rain.. I love hearing rainfall when I fall asleep. I love the sensation of being rained on, I love how cleaning it is, I love smelling it, and I love how clean the air is after it has rained. So this is my inspiration for this blog entry. If you want to recreate that atmospheric moody room
, here are a few favourites: "Down Pipe" by Farrow and Ball, "Passive" by Sherwin Williams,"Carry on" by Para, "Mistral" and "Seraph" by C2, "Kid Glove" by Pratt and Lambert, "Oxford gray" 2128-40 by Benjamin Moore...

Kara Mann

Artform Interior collage around artwork, Gabriella Crespi coffee tables, quartz lamps, Persian rug, and a Montauk Sofas

Via Sukio

Via Sukio

Artform Interiors collage created around a Susan Jamison painting (AvianCouture, and Kaveri Singh Tibetan Mural, both great artists. Mouvement, and wind is felt throughout this artwork.


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