Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweden... Chic farmhouse

I'm one to love colour but sometimes cant resists a great interior that has that weathered bleached out style. Gray relaxes vision as it has the longest wavelength of the colour spectrum, it therefore becomes a very relaxing environment to be in. Sweden and nothern European countries are great at showcasing those types of interiors... add a little bling on the ceilings and voila! You can find similar light fixtures at Union Lighting, Elte or Sescolite on Castefield ave, Toronto..Beware with grays in North Facing room... Because the natural light tends to be cold, and bare, any grays will make the room even more drab. Go dark for North facing room.. very dark! My personal favourite wall treatments to acheive this Scandinavian look: Pavillion Gray by Farrow and Ball, Gray Mist by Benjamin Moore, Dune White by Benjamin Moore, Dorian Gray by C2, Full Moon by Pratt and Lambert, Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore, revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore........

AK-Magnolia House Design


  1. it has style! Even I would not like to live there, it is lovely and done well in all details...

  2. thx Peter! but it has lots of rounded edges... lol

  3. Your website is too good.I like your post nice job..


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