Saturday, July 23, 2011

The magic of Lorena Santin-Andrade

I had the pleasure of meeting an incredible artist a few months ago at a Design Show in Oakville! Not only she paints and draws like noone else out there, she also manipulates fabrics like a true genius. Her name is Lorena Santin-Andrade. In my eyes, and many who have met her, she can truly turn water into wine! From remnants of felts and other fabric materials she can create gorgeous garments, ponchos, scarves, and is now venturing into home decor accessories. I cannot wait to see what's next! I invite you to visit her amazing website :

Photo Courtesy: Lorena Santin-Andrade website

For more information on Lorena's fabulous creations, please visit her website!



  1. yes i love the net too.. It makes a great statement on a sofa... :).. and i LOVE purses.. more than shoes!


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