Sunday, July 17, 2011


 Via La Dolce Vita

I apologize for my absence!.. While I was away, i really got a true sense of what personal whirl wind feels like which is what inspired me to talk about "wind" in design. Not the atmospheric displacement of air, as much as creating a strong emotion and movement into a space. I find this particularly hard to do, and much has to be considered in order to acheive that sense of great mouvement in a room:).. I think it definitely begins with how to arrange artwork together, and how the shape of furnishing can echo the movement existing in the artwork. A vortex can be created around artwork, objects d'arts, accessories, colours, and layout! There also needs to be height and width... Its another spacial dimention of design that i find fun to work with:)

Via Design Delight

Via Design Delight

 John DiPaolo ("Free Fall")

 Artform collage

Artform portfolio 

Artform Collage

Susan Jamison (AvianCouture)

 Sciolari Brass light fixture, 60's

Artform collage

have fun!!

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